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Weeknote 29/2023

View over Boulder from a trail

I’m in Boulder, Colorado after quite an eventful week. On Monday, we sold our house and had an offer accepted on the house we’ve been after. Our daughter sliced open her toe during a school trip to the beach and it was bad enough that we had to make two trips over Wednesday and Thursday to two different hospitals.

On Thursday, I finished off most of my WAO work, and then on Friday packed for my trip over here. I flew on Saturday and, crossing timezones going west meant that I ended up having a 23-hour day. At least I got a bit of a nap on the flight and got to do some reading and play on my Steam Deck!

It’s my fourth visit to Colorado, which is a state I really enjoy visiting. Boulder itself is magnificent and this time around we’re staying (thanks to Participate) closer to the downtown area. This morning I walked up to Panorama Point and took the photo which accompanies this post, among others. Then this afternoon, a few of us went to Boulder Falls which was refreshing given the heat!

Tomorrow sees the beginning of The Badge Summit at The University of Colorado, Boulder. I’m helping with the unconference, then doing a short ‘Badgesplaining’ session about Open Recognition with Laura right before the keynote. On Tuesday I’m in conversation with Sheryl Grant about the history of badges, etc.

There’s another session on Wednesday about creating an organisation in the US to further Open Recognition, then I’ve got the afternoon and Thursday morning before heading home. I’ll fly overnight and arrive home on Friday late afternoon after a connecting flight via London Heathrow. Then, I’ve got a day to do some packing, and then heading on holiday in the Netherlands and Devon, and doing the second half of The Pennine Way with my son.

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