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Ben can almost walk!

Ben walkingBenjamin Daniel Jonathan Belshaw is 361 days old today (i.e. it’s his 1st birthday on Tuesday). He can stand unaided for around 10 seconds and can walk by grabbing onto a finger. 🙂

He’s being dedicated (it’s a bit like being baptised) at our Evangelical church on Sunday. Hopefully he’ll be able to walk by his first birthday!

Click on the image to watch a short video taken today.

5 thoughts on “Ben can almost walk!

  1. Well done, Ben!

    Note of caution to Ben’s parents: once he’s walking the demands on you will increase exponentially!

    Both our boys’ dedications were somewhat interesting, since on neither occasion could the minister concerned pronounce the child’s name – anyone would swear we had invented new sounds, to judge by their attempts!

    1. Lovely video – and even lovelier child 😉

      Hope you have a very special time at Ben’s dedication on Sunday. Isaac took a shine to our minister’s microphone at his, and Jude slept through his as he was still feeling poorly after the chicken pox – prompted lots of congregational ‘aahs’ and not very much attention to their promises to make sure we bought him up properly! Both memorable occasions!

      Lisa xx

      PS you know that once he can walk, there’ll be no escape!

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