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WordPress Theme Generator

Wordpress Theme Generator

I don’t like my websites to look exactly the same as everyone else’s (or even like one another!). But nor, should I imagine, does anyone really. It all comes down to coding skills and having the ability to hack together a WordPress theme the way you want it.

I’ve come across an excellent site today called the WordPress Theme Generator. Specify a few preferences and it puts together a theme that you can download and then add to your WordPress-powered site. I’m happy with the themes I’ve got on this and my other two main sites ( & but it might be handy in future and to recommend to others…

One thought on “WordPress Theme Generator

  1. Hey is a new wp theme generator that works very well has 6 layouts and a live preview, check it out and let me know. Its for beginners and people who wanna focus on the words on the page and not the pretty pictures ;P

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