Jersey job and the return of the Mac


So I didn’t get the Head of History position at the school on Jersey. But hey, I learned some lessons:

  • Experience is more important to schools than talent and having a vision.
  • Don’t say in interviews that you get angry (or even frustrated).
  • Independent selective schools have little idea about comprehensive education.

Oh, and I’m selling that cheap laptop (even though it was pretty good) and am back on the Macbook (core 2 duo). I’ve also bought myself a proper iPod…


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  1. Hi Doug, really sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job.

    Outta interest, how much are you selling that laptop for?


  2. Hi Doug,
    Sorry you didn’t get the job – but it is very much all about experience and I’m sure your time will come. Remember when you were concerned about nobody visiting your blog? See – no worries now. Just keep up your great work.

    I grew up on Jersey – lived there from when I was 3 – 9, whole family lived there while my Dad setup investment management business for a major company. It is an amazing place but is very small and many locals feel hemmed into increasingly squashed island.

  3. Hi Matt,

    I'm selling the laptop on eBay as a Buy It Now! for £384.99 with free delivery. It's been upgraded to 1GB and is a bit of a bargain:

  4. Hey mate, sorry you didn't get the job. I am also very pleased that you are keeping the Mac; Solid choice.

  5. I agree – good choice with the mac!

    Don't worry about the job, we'll both get a job in the same department! :)

  6. Hi Doug, are you still selling your laptop out of interest?


  7. Hi Matt,

    No, I'm not – sold it a while ago! :-)

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