More on mobile phone projectors

Further to an earlier post, mobile phone projectors are now beyond prototype stage. Gizmodo reports that Texas Instruments are putting into production the necessary chip to allow handset manufacturers to start incorporating mini-projectors by 2009. There’s a video of it in action here: As I’ve already stated, there’s a multitude of possibilities here, not least […]

Be notified of follow-up comments

Because it’s all about The Conversation (apparently) You can now be automatically notified if someone posts a follow-up comment to what you’ve said on a blog post at Just tick the ‘Notify me of followup comments via email’ box underneath the comment area. You know it makes sense. I’ve added this to my Plugins […]

Why ‘high culture’ for pupils is highly wrong-headed

BBC News reports that the Children’s Secretary Ed Balls and Culture Secretary Andy Burnham will today launch an initiative that promises access to ‘high-quality cultural activities’. It proposes visits to theatre shows, museums and galleries and the opportunity to learn how to act and play musical instruments. “Great!!” one would think. I disagree.

3 strikes and then out for UK ‘illegal’ downloaders?

The BBC reports that a leaked Green Paper obtained by the Times newspaper suggests the UK government is planning to bring in a ‘3 strikes then out’ policy for ‘illegal’ Internet downloads. First, the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) would issue an email warning. Second, the user will undergo a period of suspension. Third, the […]

Using Google mobile apps in schools

As ‘personalised/personalising’ learning initiatives come onstream along with VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) solutions, the focus will be increasingly upon mobile devices and what they have to offer. Companies will offer what they consider to be quality solutions. It’s the belief of that you can do the same (or better) for free with what Google […]