No place for ‘gadgets’ in the classroom?

BBC News reports that both the Children’s Minister and the NASUWT’s General Secretary of Teaching have urged parents to ensure Christmas toys stay at home. The latter, Chris Keates, is quoted as saying, “can be a real headache for teachers when they are trying to get everyone settled down to start learning. Teachers would be […]

Paradigms within research methodology

Inspired by Bredo’s diagrams in ‘Philosophies of Educational Research’ (within Handbook of Complementary Methods in Education Research – see previous post for reference), I’ve produced the following diagram. Hopefully it will help clarify my thinking when it comes to writing the methodology section of my thesis proposal: ?

More on Research Methodologies

? There are two main philosophical traditions when it comes to research methodologies: positivism and constructivism. Positivism holds that the world is ‘out there’ waiting for us to discover it, whilst Constructivism holds that ‘facts’ are socially and psychologically constructed labels and descriptions we place upon the world as we experience it. All research methods […]