What is ‘digital literacy’? It’s certainly not this…

Microsoft have proudly announced their Digital Literacy Curriculum. They’ve no doubt about what they mean by the term ‘digital literacy’ – the strapline to the bold title on their site being, ‘Helping you develop a fundamental understanding of computers.’ Oh. So, they’ll be teaching you about Mac OSX and Linux, then? Right, so it’s Microsoft-only […]

Educational Technology Integration Matrix

I came across the Technology Integration Matrix today. It’s a resource created to ‘support the full integration of technology in Florida schools’, but is great for any department, faculty, or school that wants to analyse where it is with integrating educational technology. It reminds me of the ‘Apple Schools of the Future’ programme in the […]

10 ‘Home Truths’ about Schooling and Education

I was frustrated last night as dougbelshaw.com wasn’t working and I couldn’t post the following. These came to me at various points yesterday and kind of melded themselves into a blog post. So here’s what’s on my mind:     For there to be ‘good’ parents there must be ‘bad’ parents. The same is true […]

Things I’ve been reading online recently

I don’t like it when people automatically post their daily del.icio.us/diigo links on their blog. It just clutters up my feed reader. What I do like, however, is when bloggers share what they’ve really enjoyed reading. So here’s what I’ve enjoyed reading recently with a brief synopsis! 😀 Lifehack.org – How to Be an Expert […]