5 things School of Rock can teach us about real education

I watched School of Rock a couple of nights ago. Unbelievably, given that I absolutely love High Fidelity – which stars Jack Black in a somewhat similar role – I’d never seen it before. The film was great and I really enjoyed it; I also thought it gave some pointers as to what real learning […]

Google Apps in China? A response for EdTechRoundup

I was informed via a pingback of a post by a Chinese educator who had picked up on EdTechRoundup’s upcoming interview with the Google Apps team. He was impressed by the questions on EdTechRoundup’s wiki page that many different educators have submitted, agreeing with at least 10 of them. Two parts of his post stood […]

5 ways to make ‘textbook lessons’ more interesting

Update: I’m no longer in the classroom but would highly recommend Paul Ginnis’ Teacher’s Toolkit: Raise Classroom Achievement with Strategies for Every Learner. I’ve found it extremely helpful to my own practice and when mentoring student teachers!   When I started my teaching career I worked myself into the ground. Determined not to just use […]

EdTechRoundup needs your help with Google Apps UK!

EdTechRoundup, the fledgling educational technology podcast show with which I’m involved wants YOUR help! We’re going to be interviewing the Google Apps team in the UK soon. If you could ask the Google Apps UK team anything, what would it be? Responses either in the comments section below, or on the ETR wiki here please!