Videos for #openbadges workshops [RESOURCES]

A couple of months ago I wrote a popular post entitled How to make #openbadges work for you and your organisation. Given that I get requests every week to run workshops on Open Badges and can’t do them all, I thought I’d turn the points I made in that post into a couple of videos:

(not showing? click here and here respectively)

I’d very much appreciate some feedback. How can I improve these?

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Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkerer: consultant, speaker, author. Founding member of @weareopencoop. Ex-@mozilla & @jisc. #edtech #digilit #openbadges


4 thoughts on “Videos for #openbadges workshops [RESOURCES]

  1. Better front lighting, your face is shadowed. Less top lighting, you have a chrome dome right now, so there is slight glare from the top of your head. Better microphone as you are a little difficult to hear when there is background noise on the receivers end. The information is great and you look professional but not overdressed. (Might want to work on the British accent 😉

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