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Productivity via Moleskine notebook indexing.

Moleskine Notebook - cover

Moleskine Notebook - page numbers

Moleskine Notebook - index

Hat tip to Nick Dennis for this one (who I believe got it from Tim Ferriss’ book/blog). Here’s how to do it:

  1. Number the pages of your notebook 1, 1,5, 2, 2.5, etc.
  2. Add an index to the back of the notebook (brief summary of each page range)
  3. Colour-code however you see fit

This solves, at a stroke, the problem of having to hunt through pages and pages of hand-written notes and scrawls to find what you’re looking for!


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  • James Michie

    Lovin’ the Google Moleskine – guessing its a by product of #gtauk?

    • Doug Belshaw

      Yep! Was in my Google Teacher Academy goodie bag! ;-)

      • James Michie

        No fair! I want one! [Now rolling around on floor like petulant child] :-)

        • Doug Belshaw

          Not exactly as the one I’ve got, but you can buy Google stuff here:

          • James Michie


  • Nick Dennis
    • Doug Belshaw

      Thanks Nick! :-)

  • Sue Beckingham

    So simple and yet clearly a great way to get organised! I’ll be giving this a go for sure.

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