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HOWTO: Google Scholar email alerts

I’ve explained before how to use Google Scholar to do some of the heavy lifting for you when doing academic work. In this post I want to show briefly how you can get email alerts on  specific search terms. It’s easy! :-)

Once you’ve done that, simply fill in the boxes:

You can access Google Scholar at

***BONUS*** I found out after writing this post that the Google Scholar team have launched their official blog. Their first post covers what I’ve mentioned above. But I still think showing rather than telling is better… :-p

  • AJCann

    Sadly, no comments on the Google Scholar blog, so I can’t tell them that they’ve screwed up by not having an RSS option for their alerts :-(

    • Doug Belshaw

      Good point! Although I like that the email synthesizes stuff. Information overload – sorry *filter failure* – and all that… :-)