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I’m going to miss this…

As I’ve already mentioned, we’re going to be moving soon. We haven’t got a date yet, but I should imagine it’ll be in about 6 weeks. I love my study in the attic. This post, made possible with the excellent DoubleTake automatic photo-stitching software, captures what I love about it… :D

Care to share your favourite study space?

  • DJ

    Here’s my bombsite, I mean office.

  • Lynne

    Lap,Kitchen, Coffee table? Still striving for the Virginia Woolf room of my own :-(
    Your loft looks lovely by the way!

  • Karyn Romeis

    But of course it’s a Mac application :o( I’ve tracked down what I hope will be a PC equivalent, but because it will probably take me forever to figure out how it works, I’m going to have to handle this in Flickr like DJ with his bombsite. I’ll head over to my blog right now and get it done… predictably I’m going to break the “rules” however!

  • Doug Belshaw

    Thanks DJ, Lynne.

    @Karyn: People who haven’t seen the light can use Autostitch on Windows, or follow this Lifehacker guide (which uses Hugin)

  • Karyn Romeis

    Some of us can’t afford the light, Doug! Cheeky blighter ;-)