My Seminar at BETT


I’m looking forward to attending BETT (British Educational Technology and Training) Show tomorrow as a visitor, and as a speaker with Futurelab on Saturday. I’m part of their Teachers as Innovators programme – you can read the interview I did last year here.

The seminar details for the latter are as follows:

Date: 12 Jan 2008
Time: 11:45-12:30
Location: Best Practice

Seminar Details:
This seminar will look at available resources and strategies that support teachers in developing new approaches to teaching and learning, empowering teachers to act as the innovators of new educational practices. The session will also highlight the resistances to change within schools and share different strategies used by innovative teachers to reduce these barriers. The aim of the session is to enable participants to leave with knowledge of the tools and strategies to develop new practices in their own schools.

Dan Sutch, Learning Researcher, Futurelab
Doug Belshaw, Ridgewood School, Doncaster


It’ll be my first time at BETT and from what I’ve heard, it’s worth getting excited about! I’m going to be using the official show guides to find my way around, but I’ll leave some to serendipity. :-)


On Friday evening I’ll be attending TeachMeet08 which will be a great opportunity to meet in person those who I’ve only met virtually. I’ll be Twittering whilst I’m there, so keep tuned to my tweets for constant updates…

About Doug Belshaw

Open Educational Thinkerer. Consultant focusing on #digilit & #openbadges. Previously: @mozilla / @jisc / school senior leader / #historyteacher.


  1. Thanks Andrew – was good to meet you too! I was beginning to think you were the Wizard of Oz. The stuff you’ve been doing with your pupils and demonstrated on the Adobe stand really impressed me. I’ll be picking your brains when I get onto Unit 20 of the OCR Nationals course! :-)

  2. Hi Doug, sorry I missed you at the Teachmeet. I saw you talking to my colleague Karyn, but I had to run to get a train back to Derbyshire.

    Glad your seminar went well. Did you get a chance to talk at the Teachmeet?

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