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Person looking through fern leaves, seeming like they're hiding

Sharepidation (noun) A fusion of sharing and trepidation, sharepidation refers to the state or condition in which a person feels anxious, apprehensive, or nervous about disclosing or presenting their work, ideas, or personal creations more widely. This term encapsulates the vulnerable and courageous act of making one’s efforts transparent despite the underlying fear of judgement, criticism, or rejection.

I come across this all of the time in We Are Open Co-op‘s work. People get over it (and flourish!) but it’s a thing. So let’s have a name for it!

Image by Quentin Lagache

The importance of working ‘open’ in education and business

I’m pleased to say that two closely-related articles I’ve written about working ‘open’ have been published over the last few days.

As of this month, I’ve started writing for The Nasstarian, a new blog from Nasstar, one of the UK’s largest managed IT service provders. They’ve given me free license to write about things of interest to their readers. The first one I’ve written for them is about the ‘unexpected benefits’ of working open for businesses.

My latest DML Central article takes this approach and focuses in on what this means for education. I’m indebted to Bryan Mathers for the wonderful ‘elevator’ image, and to Matt Thompson and Laura Hilliger for comments on an earlier draft.

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