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Operationalising digital literacy #1: Wikileaks

This is the first in a planned series in attempting to operationalise the term ‘digital literacy’. Feel free to respond here, on your own blog or anywhere else you desire!

It’s Sunday morning, a great time to do some thinking and reflecting. Go and get a warm beverage and your thinking cap; this post is going to take half an hour of your time.

Step 1 (5 mins)

Watch this presentation by Tabetha Newman: Digital literacy literature review: from terminology to action (click Menu –> View Fullscreen for best results):

I think we can agree that Tabetha’s work provides a starting point from which we can start to align and move towards operationalising ‘digital literacy’. With that in mind, move to Step 2.

Step 2 (21 mins)

Listen to this recent RSA talk on The Future of Wikileaks. The whole thing, including Q&A, is an hour but the talk itself is only about 21 minutes.

Step 3 (variable)

Informed by what you’ve learned in Steps 1 and 2, how much ‘digital literacy’ do you think it takes to:

  1. Run Wikileaks?
  2. Be part of the Wikileaks network?
  3. Submit something to Wikileaks?

Answers in the comment section below. Please don’t answer these questions if you haven’t done steps 1 and 2 – you’d be missing the point. 🙂