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Community Alignment model v0.5

Thanks to feedback from various people and some wonderful drawings by Bryan Mathers, I’m delighted to announce that the Community Alignment model has reached v0.5.

Check out Community Alignment model v0.5

Note that the text of this version continues to be released under a CC0 license – meaning you can do whatever you like with it. Bryan’s drawings are released under a CC BY-ND license. This means that, while you can use them for whatever you like, you must attribute them (and you mustn’t change them).

Please, please give us feedback! You can do this via Twitter, in the comments section of this blog post, or by email. This can only get better when lots of people are looking at it and attempting to apply it to their context!

Image CC BY-ND Bryan Mathers

Operationalising digital literacy #1: Wikileaks

This is the first in a planned series in attempting to operationalise the term ‘digital literacy’. Feel free to respond here, on your own blog or anywhere else you desire!

It’s Sunday morning, a great time to do some thinking and reflecting. Go and get a warm beverage and your thinking cap; this post is going to take half an hour of your time.

Step 1 (5 mins)

Watch this presentation by Tabetha Newman: Digital literacy literature review: from terminology to action (click Menu –> View Fullscreen for best results):

I think we can agree that Tabetha’s work provides a starting point from which we can start to align and move towards operationalising ‘digital literacy’. With that in mind, move to Step 2.

Step 2 (21 mins)

Listen to this recent RSA talk on The Future of Wikileaks. The whole thing, including Q&A, is an hour but the talk itself is only about 21 minutes.

Step 3 (variable)

Informed by what you’ve learned in Steps 1 and 2, how much ‘digital literacy’ do you think it takes to:

  1. Run Wikileaks?
  2. Be part of the Wikileaks network?
  3. Submit something to Wikileaks?

Answers in the comment section below. Please don’t answer these questions if you haven’t done steps 1 and 2 – you’d be missing the point. 🙂