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Laura & Sean’s wedding

Laura getting out of car at reception (click for more)

Laura (my sister-in-law) married Sean Brown at Talaton church in Devon yesterday. It brought on somewhat of a feeling of deja vu, as that was where Hannah and I were married almost four years ago. It was a great day and the weather was excellent. I’ve uploaded the photos I took to Picasa web albums here, with more to follow when I get them from other people! 🙂

Update: I’ve now added some of Malcolm’s photos (my father-in-law and Laura’s dad) – please excuse the wrong date on his photos!

Update 2: I’ve also added some from Ron (Laura’s aunt’s husband) and Clive and Diane (Laura’s aunt and uncle) Continue reading “Laura & Sean’s wedding”

Picasa Web Albums vs. Flickr

I’ve just noticed that in the top left-hand corner of my Gmail account there’s a link to ‘photos’:

Google photos

Whilst this is just an easier way to access something that was already available – namely Picasa Web Albums – it does mean that take-up is likely to explode. Much, in fact, in the same way that Google Reader has amongst RSS readers.

I don’t think this is a Flickr-killer. For one, you have to use an installed program (Picasa) to upload pictures. For another, it’s really aimed at people who want to share pictures with family and friends, not everyone.

Still, the 1GB of online storage and ease of accessibility and sharing are certainly welcome. I’ll be encouraging my family to use it in future!