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TB872: Mapping prior experience of ‘learning systems’

Note: this is a post reflecting on one of the modules of my MSc in Systems Thinking in Practice. You can see all of the related posts in this category.

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The time estimates for other activities I’ve done as part of this module have almost been laughable; it took me almost two hours to do a 20 minute task the other day. Perhaps I’m over-doing it.

However, this task took less than the suggested 20 minutes. Using Kumu, I created the above diagram (is it a ‘spray diagram’, I’m not sure) using the ‘Big Data’ template.

What does the concept of learning system mean to you?

Start to develop your own spray diagram of authors who have written about learning systems, indicating where their ideas have come from. If you are familiar with any other authors’ work of relevance to learning systems include these authors also. I suggest you complete this activity at a fairly superficial level at this stage and you can revisit it after you have read some more of the authors’ work.

I used ChatGPT to come up with ideas to add to this diagram. I’m not over-thinking it. I see it as a base to add things to as the module progresses.