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Google Sites – wikis for Google Apps users!

Google Sites

It’s taken a while, but Google have finally integrated wikis into the Google Apps suite. So far it looks as if it’s only for those who have Google Apps for Domains or Google Apps for Education, but that’s what I’m going to be using it for mainly so that’s fine.

Google bought JotSpot, an enterprise-focused wiki solution 16 months ago and, presumably, have been working since then to get it integrated. The result is simple, although some have criticised it as being too simplistic. I’m not going into huge amount of detail in this post, but suffice to say you need to login as admin to your Google Apps for Domains/Education account and enable it before it goes ‘live’. You have the option of restricting access to users within your domain or making it accessible to the wider world. 🙂
What follows are some screenshots whilst I’m getting used to the setup. I’m almost certainly going to be using this with at least one class next week!

Edit: I’ve had a bit more of a chance to play with Google Sites now and have set up a Year 11 GCSE History revision site here.