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Schools SHOULD be small!

School protestA couple of linked BBC News reports caught my eye today. The first, that schools are seeing an increase in the amount of spare capacity they have and the second that there have been demonstrations in Shropshire about proposed school closures and amalgamations. Here’s my thoughts…


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Reflections on BETT 2008

Further to my previous posts this week, I’ve been at BETT 2008 this week. I don’t like it on other edublogs when people endlessly bang on about conferences/events I haven’t been able to attend, so this will be my last post on it – I promise! 🙂

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The Community as the Text

In Is There a New Community With This Text? Building a New View of Teaching and Community, Chris Sessums looks at the transition from ‘Learning 1.0’ to ‘Learning 2.0’ in which

the community becomes the text, a place where ideas, data and information, converge and are decoded and encoded in both meat- and virtual space. Guided by the instructor, the collection of students that forms the class/the community, learn how to study, observe, and make sense and meaning out of each others’ work, each others’ texts.”