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What is OpenBeta?

OpenBeta is a publishing model. It’s a way of applying dynamic pricing whilst separating out the content of the book (the ideas) from how it is published (the delivery method). See here for an introductory blog post.

How does OpenBeta work?

Basically, the earlier a reader makes a commitment to buying the book, the cheaper it is for them. They get access to all subsequent versions. See the diagram below:

OpenBeta publishing model

To elaborate, just as a website is made up of HTML (the content) and CSS (the style), so a book is the product of an author’s ideas and a delivery method. With the OpenBeta publishing model, readers pay separately for the ideas and the delivery method. In many cases the latter will be free as it will be a downloadable ebook. The reader is free to have the ideas in whatever format they choose.

OpenBeta elaboration

Who can use the OpenBeta model?

Anyone. Everyone. It would be great if you could let me know that you’re using the model so we can thrash out the particulars. đŸ™‚

You may want to use this logo (click to enlarge):

OpenBeta logo