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I suggested a collaborative project via Twitter back in November 2009. It was to use the hashtag #movemeon to provide hints, tips and ideas for and by educators. After literally hundreds of tweets and some sterling help by Stuart Ridout we produced both an ebook (PDF – free!) and a physical book (via Lulu at cost price)

Full-colour version

  • Paperback (full-colour: £12.24 + P&P)
  • PDF (full colour: free)

Black & white version

Realising that the price of the physical book might prove to be a barrier to some, Stuart went ahead and produced a black-and-white version (still with full-colour cover):

  • Paperback (black & white: £2.64 + P&P)
  • PDF (black & white: free)


If you’d like to promote the #movemeon (e-)book via badges on your website, try these!

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