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#movemeon – a suggestion.

Update: view the latest #movemeon tweets via Twitter Search!

If you’ve been living under a rock, Twitter is a communications medium limited to 140-characters that has taken the world by storm.

If you’re baffled by what’s below, the hashtag (first proposed by Chris Messina in 2007) allows ‘channels’ to be created in Twitter. These can be followed by services like TwitterFall.

Thus we get tweets similar to the following that recommends people to follow:

Twitter - FollowFriday

I’d like to propose a new hashtag to help new and existing teachers share and pick up tips. It’s based on the title of a section of the Historical Association’s Teaching History magazine that aims to move student and newly qualified teachers forward. Thus we’d get something like:

Twitter - #movemeon example

I think this would be manageable. After all, how long does it take to reflect on a lesson, realise something and fire off a 140-character message? :-p


9 thoughts on “#movemeon – a suggestion.

  1. Quite an interesting idea and I will gladly add my own #movemeon thoughts and suggestions. Tie this in with the 12seconds post and you should have a wealth of ideas for new and experienced teachers to resort to.

  2. Great idea Doug, your tweets on this have got me reflecting already. Sometimes a little sound bite as provided in a tweet gets you thinking yourself more than an extended explanation.

  3. Hi Doug,What’s the tool that you’re using to get the twitter feeds across the bottom of the page?(By the way, the page as whole’s a bit slow to load – is it the twitter stream that’s slowing the page down, or do you have several external sources – any one of which could be causing the [slight] glitch [at this present moment in time]?)

  4. Thanks for the link … site seems a bit quicker this evening – perhaps it was something temporary (I was at work this morning & at home now … generally I have a better connection at work than at home)

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