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Using Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ feature for revision

Screenshot of My AI

Yesterday, I posted on Mastodon that I’ve been helping my son with his GCSE revision using ChatGPT 4. Today, after initially only being available to paying subscribers, he and his friends woke up to Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ feature being available to all users.

Snapchat’s offering is powered by ChatGPT, so notwithstanding issues raised by The Center for Humane Technology in The AI Dilemma, I wanted to share ways in which this could be a positive move for teenagers.

Here’s examples of how you can prompt ChatGPT (and therefore My AI) to be a useful exam revision tutor:

Initial ChatGPT prompt
Example of ChatGPT tutor

I know this is all very new, but giving the power of all this, schools need to be teaching some AI literacy. This includes, of course, the dangers of giving away personal data to tech companies, but also prompt crafting. For ideas on the latter, I’d recommend subscribing to Tom Barrett’s new weekly newsletter of the same name.

Update: I’ve been helping him with his Biology revision this evening, and used this prompt. He then took the 10 questions (which I printed out), answered them using pen and paper, as he would in an exam, and I typed the answers in for feedback from ChatGPT.

I want you to ask me questions about AQA GCSE Biology, combined trilogy. Come up with 10 at a time and tell me how many marks each question is worth (between 1 and 6). The questions should be on Ecology and the number of marks should increase in value between the first and last questions. Give me all of the questions, then I will respond to them one by one. You will then tell me what my mark would be, give me feedback on how I can improve (using emoji!), and then ask me for the response to my next question.

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