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Weeknote 45/2021

This week I tried to do exactly five hours of paid work per day. Given that there are things I don’t get paid for (some meetings, emails, etc.) then this ends up being about six hours of “work” per day. That’s enough.

It was all going swimmingly until Friday lunchtime when I started feeling a bit rough so, instead of going for a run, I took some ibuprofen. Lo and behold, I’ve got my first cold for about three years. (It’s not Covid; I did a test.) Usually in these situations, not knowing what to do with myself, I try and push through it. That just makes things worse, so I’m sitting here just eating carbs and switching from one screen to another…

Laura and I have been working on digital strategy-related work for Julie’s Bicycle this week and on the Keep Badges Weird project for Participate. We’ve also recorded three podcast episodes: two for the Tao of WAO on remote working, and one for a new podcast from John and Calum of Code-Operative. My understanding is that it’s not an official co-op project, though. Other than that, we met with a funder, as a co-op for our weekly, and I attended an Open Recognition Working Group meeting and gave the team working on Bonfire (who I worked with on MoodleNet) some feedback.

Last Sunday, I was supposed to be facilitating my home town’s first Climate Café with the help of a neighbour. However, he got sick (again, not Covid) on Saturday and so we’ve had to postpone it. We’re getting into a funny time of year, as everyone gets into Christmas mode. This is particularly true if you’re working with US-based organisations as the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is odd. By which I mean people’s minds are usually elsewhere.

The Netherlands has announced a partial lockdown this week, which has put my trip there next month in jeopardy. We’ll see how things go, but it would be a shame not only from a professional but a personal point of view, as my wife was going to join me over there afterwards for a weekend.

I haven’t mentioned COP26 here much, if at all. That’s because, sadly, I don’t really believe that politicians will deliver much of what they’ve promised. And they haven’t promised enough to keep us below 1.5 ºC of warming. We’re shafted, and if you need the potential impact brought home to you, check this out.

It’s also been Remembrance Day this week, with the main commemorations being on Sunday. I’m not a fan of the creeping authoritarianism and militarism in the UK so, while I absolutely thank soldiers for the sacrifices they have made, I’ve made a donation to the Stop The War Coalition instead of making the token gesture of wearing a poppy.

On Thought Shrapnel this week I published:

Next week, it’s more of the same. I need to figure out with one potential client how we can move forward, as they seem to only be able to procure from within the EU. I think everyone knows my thoughts on Brexit by now…

Image based on an original photo I took near my house

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