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Weeknote 15/2021

Bluebells (not quite out yet) next to wild garlic, with trees in the background

This week has been a successful one. I earned 25% more than the target amount my wife and I decided upon after I quit my job last year, and I did so while solo parenting and taking most of Friday off. The latter was because time is more important than money; the former was because my wife was away for a few days looking after an ill relative.

To be fair, our children, now aged 14 and 10 respectively, are well-behaved and helpful (most of the time!) so that made things easier. Also, my wife is super-organised, which made my job easier. It did remind me of the importance of routines, though. Kids thrive on them, and it makes households run like clockwork.

A shout-out to my mother, who I know reads my weeknotes. Thanks for taking the kids to activities, and the cake, flapjack, and puddings! 😉

On the work front this week, I’ve done it all through the co-op and divided my time between:

  • Running another workshop for NEAR on Architectures of Participation with Laura and Bryan.
  • Planning and doing some production on a Greenpeace project that Laura and I kicked off before Christmas and are returning to.
  • Continuing running sessions for the Catalyst Definition project that Laura’s project managing. It was Week 9, so that’s wrapping up next week.
  • Working on the staging site for the co-op’s new website, which is a huge improvement on the current version and the super-corporate version our ex-members were planning last year!
  • Figuring out next steps for the Catalyst Sector Challenge 9 project I was PMing. I can’t announce anything related to funding, but it looks like we might be able to do some more work on it.

Other than that, looking after the kids, and playing some FIFA 21, I’ve been running, doing some Giggs Fitness, and treating my exercise bike like a spinning bike. I’ve bought some new Korg Volca synths (not all of which have arrived yet) listed some stuff on eBay, and listening to the remix album of Tycho’s Weather. I think the remix of ‘Japan’ is my favourite, and I was listening to it while taking the photo that illustrates this post.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one: two Catalyst projects, Greenpeace production stuff, and potential new client work. Thankfully, Friday is currently (and blissfully) meeting-free.

Photo taken in the appropriately-named Bluebell Wood not too far away from where I live in Morpeth, England. The whole place will be a riot of purple, soon enough!

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