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One year.

This time last year, a good friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. This is just a short post to say that Dai Barnes will not be forgotten, and lives on in the fond memories of friends and family.

I’m not sure what he would have made of 2020, but I miss not having the opportunity to discuss with him this year of all years. He probably would have called it ‘interesting’ which was his euphemism for anything with which he disagreed (or thought was a bit shit).

I think of Dai regularly, and certainly every Sunday night, which was often the time we’d record the TIDE Podcast. Some people have suggested I find a new co-host, but I think listeners will agree he was irreplaceable.

Rest in peace, Dai. I still miss you, buddy.

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One thought on “One year.

  1. I recently started listening to old TIDE episodes. I think I started following the podcast around episode 100, so I still have a lot left. But yes, I do miss him and it’d have been interesting hearing you guys talk about the current situation.

    I agree he’s irreplaceable. You can always make another podcast, but it cannot be TIDE without Dai.

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