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Weeknote 45/2019

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As I mentioned last week, we spent the weekend in Wales and Liverpool, driving home on Monday. I then worked Tuesday to Friday.

With only two weeks before the Global Moot (and the beta launch of MoodleNet) it’s been all systems go to get all of the features finished in time! It’s amazing how everything comes together at the last minute.

I’ve had a few more interactions than usual this week with Martin Dougiamas, Moodle’s Founder and CEO, as he’s taking a bit more of a hands-on approach around product over the next few months. That’s no bad thing, as he’s obviously very experienced.

Conversations with my co-op colleagues about their recent work has made me realise what I’m missing on that front, so I’m going to aim to do more consultancy in 2020.

As I explained to subscribers last week, in November I’m sending out the Thought Shrapnel newsletter each Sunday, but it will only contain a roundup of interesting links. And then, I’ll be away for December to recharge my batteries for the new year!

Next weekend I fly to Barcelona for the Global Moot and Open EdTech. I’ll be away over a week, as there are Product Management and strategy/planning meetings either side.

Photo taken by me on Monday in Liverpool, around the corner from the Cavern Club.

2 thoughts on “Weeknote 45/2019

  1. thanks Doug – I hope you get enough sleep & get that winter lamp set up for folks back home and yourself.

    I have the perfecto name for me instance as a tester for Moodle… when can I get things set up, would you say?

    Anyway, I trust all is whell and you are enjoying Athletico mince 😀

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