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Weeknote 40/2016

Vanishing Point

This week I’ve been:

  • Sending out Issue #231 of Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel, my weekly newsletter loosely focused on education, technology, and productivity. It featured links on intellectual attractiveness, secretive empires, and productivity tips. Many thanks to Makers Academy for sponsorship!
  • Recording and releasing Episode 63 (‘Is EdTech a Discipline?’) of Today In Digital Education, my weekly podcast with co-host Dai Barnes.  This week we discussed whether or not EdTech is a ‘discipline’ (main topic) as well as examinations, how to remove profane posts from Twitter, creativity in children, competency-based hiring, and more! You can join the community to discuss this episode of TIDE in our Slack channel!
  • Working out of Campus North on Tuesday this week (I had to be at home on Monday). They finally got around to giving me some laptop stickers!
  • Meeting with my We Are Open co-operative co-founders on Wednesday for our October ‘Co-op Day’. We discussed lots of things, recorded here. I’ve updated our website, and Laura’s written a post about the workshops we plan to run.
  • Announcing a version two of my #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity ebook from a few years ago. I’ll be refactoring it as an audiobook with six parts. In effect, it’s an entirely new offering, but using the existing ‘brand’. Details here, if you’re interested!
  • Pimping myself in the name of business development. Although I’ve got plenty of ‘leads’, I haven’t got loads of work right now. That’s either a huge moral failure on my part, or just ups and downs of being self-employed. Either way, I quite enjoy being able to feed my family (OK, it’s not quite that bad) so do keep an eye out for me…
  • Writing:

Next week I had blocked out three days for a client, but it looks that will have to be punted to later in the month. So more business development, I guess…

Image CC BY-NC Q Thompson

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