My next e-book: three options for you to vote on

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve closed comments on this post now and announced the books I’m writing over here.

Update: something went horribly wrong in the process of using (the otherwise excellent) Gumroad for voting. I’ve transferred the overview of each one to this post, so please just leave a comment to indicate which e-book you’d prefer me write!

Last year I published The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies. I’ve recently reduced it in line with my pricing strategy.

I want to get started writing my next e-book, and I need your help in deciding what to focus on. Here’s my thoughts:

  • The Essential Elements of Open Badges
  • The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook
  • #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity v2

Which would you choose? Add a comment below! šŸ™‚

The Essential Elements of Open Badges

This book will cover everything from the promise of alternative credentialing to practical steps in getting started. We’ll delve into:

  • telling the difference between digital badges and open badges
  • how to create your first open badge
  • designing learning pathways
  • creating a meaningful and rigorous badge system
  • some of the technical side of things

Want me to write The Essential Elements of Open Badges? Leave a comment below!

The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies - workbook

This workbook builds on the success of The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies. It will provide activities to help learners at all levels improve their skills.

Things that will be covered in the workbook will include:

  • an overview of the 8C’s of digital literacies
  • suggested activities for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners
  • teacher notes
  • a glossary of terms

Want me to write The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook? Leave a comment below!

#uppingyourgame v2

Updating the original #uppingyourgame e-book, this new version will cover everything you need to be more productive on a personal level. It will include:

  • reasons for being more productive
  • workflow creation
  • useful tools and apps
  • automating parts of your workflow
  • helping others be more productive

Want me to write #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity v2.0? Leave a comment below!

I’m really interested in writing all of these e-books, but I can’t focus on all three simultaneously! Could you help me choose? I’ll be following the same iterative OpenBeta process I’ve followed with previous ebooks.

Got other ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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  1. The one I wanted, the third, didn’t seem to work. Here is my vote for that, althouhg 2 is a close second.

  2. can I Just vote and not preorder? Why should this be connected ?

  3. The workbook sounds interesting, although am intrigued how you would cover ‘everyone’ from beginners to experts. Also think that the workbook would work best we small practical snippets of what other people have done etc …

    • Well, it would include open-ended tasks that involved self-reflection and peer review. That way tasks can be multi-faceted. Thanks for the pointer on case studies / user stories. Would definitely be worth including!

  4. I voted for, and ordered, the second option – the workbook. I assume it will be available to be remixed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 as previously. I think it will be a valuable resource to share and highlight on the Open Content Toolkit and folks using the toolkit can adapt the ideas in the context of open media content.

    My abstract for a workshop on the toolkit at the OER 15 conference has been accepted and I think it will be a valuable addition to cite and apply in the workshop.

    Good luck with it.

  5. Hi Doug,

    I can’t seem to vote for v2 of Upping Your Productivity (I’ve already got v1), so I’m casting my vote here instead!



  6. Hi Doug, I tried voting for the Digital Literacies workbook, but it wasn’t working for me either. So I’ll cast my vote here!

    Great work on your first ebook by the way. I found it extremely useful and have recommended it to a number of colleagues. I’m using the Essential Elements model to help plan a number of sessions for students this term.

  7. +1 uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity v2.0

  8. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook!!

  9. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook would be very useful for me. Love the idea; good luck with the writing.

  10. I’d love to see the Digital Literacies workbook. Cheers!

  11. I’d love to see a v2 of Upping Your Productivity, but I think other options would benefit more people.

  12. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook. Yes please. Practical, hands-on advice and activities are what we need in primaries!

  13. I’d be interested in the workbook as well.

  14. Of all the stuff you write share I think it’s the stuff about productivity that I enjoy reading most. #uppingyourgame would get my #1 vote.

  15. Digital Literacies Workbook, please.

  16. Workbook please. I’m flooded with information that makes sense, people saying how things ought to be broken down into practical applicable steps or what stuff is, but it is rare to find hands on examples of anything that you can use immediately, as opposed to generally good intentions that take hours to craft into good steps in a classroom, a course or some kind of self study guideline – problem solving activites that get a learner to where you want them to be rather than telling them what it is you think they should know (and I know that is partly because every environment calls for slightly different tasks, but if the tasks really work, once you have seen them you can adapt and use again and again in different ways).

  17. The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies: the workbook

  18. I’d like to see an open badges book.

  19. #uppingyourgame

  20. For me, the workbook first… then the badges second.

  21. Iā€™d like to see an open badges book.

  22. #uppingyourgame: a practical guide to personal productivity v2.0? . I dunno what it is but this is something I’m now super interested in this year so this would be very useful! I’m re-discovering all this dead-time I had and finding myself learning more through podcasts while commuting (makes me more happy than reading the newspaper that is for sure!)

  23. I’d be interested in “The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies”

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