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Weeknote 35/2014

Chainsaw gardening

This week I’ve been:

  • Surviving while being home alone. The rest of my family flew down to Devon (it’s quicker/easier than driving) to visit the in-laws.
  • Working on lots of stuff around the house. There are no plants left in my garden, for example. We decided that we want to start from ‘ground zero’ so I went on a bit of a mission.
  • Suffering after launching myself into the week too hard. I’d done half of the things I wanted to do all week by Tuesday morning. By Wednesday I was a bit burnt out.
  • Writing blog posts:
  • Accepting an invitation to join Code Club’s education advisory committee.
  • Finding out about an opportunity to work with a well-known university in the US to design a module for their Ed.D. programme. More on that soon, hopefully!
  • Clearing out the Webmaker badges queue (with some assistance from my amazing colleagues)
  • Inviting some people to talk to me about the current Web Literacy Map and how we can go about updating it to a version 2.0.
  • Finishing and sending the rough draft of a video for a badge which will be available on the iDEA award website when it launches properly.
  • Starting to lift weights at the gym. I actually started last week, but I’ve already noticed it help my swimming this week. Improved stamina, and the bottom of my right hamstring doesn’t hurt when I get out of the pool!

Next week I’m at home with a fuller calendar than usual. That’s because I’m talking to lots of people about future directions for the Web Literacy Map. If you’ve started using it, then I’d love to interview you. Sign up for that here.

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