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Weeknote 12/2014


This week I’ve been:

  • Plagued by migraines. I’m not sure what triggered them, but I spent most of Monday, and then Tuesday afternoon in bed. That had a knock-on effect on my work for the rest of the week.
  • Writing a post for the Webmaker blog about Open Education Week.
  • Planning for the Oppi Festival with Melissa Romaine. I’ve booked my travel and hotel in Helsinki and am looking forward to it!
  • Meeting with Tom Park to discuss the Drexel/Mozilla NSF grant-funded partnership around learning analytics and computational literacy.
  • Wiping my MacBook Pro and installing Elementary OS instead. I got sick to death of how long it took to do stuff on Mac OS X 10.9 when 99% of the stuff I do can be done on the web.
  • Buying a wall planner and filling it in with dots and dates. I really should have done this at the start of the year!
  • Trawling through lots of GIFs to augment some work Chloe Varelidi and Grainne Hamilton are doing around badge pathways.
  • Moderating this week’s #TeachTheWeb community call.
  • Starting work on a resource to guide people and organisations who want to align with the Web Literacy Map. The first steps are on this wiki page.
  • Reviewing ‘best in show’ resources to populate the various competencies of the Web Literacy Map.
  • Talking with community members; editing etherpads; getting confused over timezones and Daylight Savings changes in various countries; the usual. 😉

Next week I’m at home all week. I’ll be digging into the Webmaker badges work that I had to postpone from this week.

Image CC BY-NC Dan Newson

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