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Weeknote 03/2014

Kielder Observatory

This week I’ve been:

  • Confirming with the Mozilla Web Literacy community that we’re moving to calling what we’ve created a ‘Map’ instead of a ‘Standard. More here.
  • Meeting for an inaugural (virtual) huddle with my new Mozilla #teachtheweb sub-team mates Michelle Thorne, Laura Hilliger, Kat Braybrooke and William Duyck (aka ‘FuzzyFox’)
  • Sorting out my travel/accommodation for BETT (I’m speaking three times there next Friday!)
  • Hosting the Web Literacy community call. You can listen to the recording here.
  • Proposing and writing about merging the Mozilla Web Literacy call with the Webmaker Mentor call.
  • Sorting out my expenses from the recent CE21 meeting in Orlando. It was a surprisingly involved process.
  • Talking to various people about Mozilla process-related stuff.
  • Meeting with Laura Hilliger to discuss Mozilla’s presence at the Oppi Festival in Helsinki (11th/12th April – I’m not going)
  • Planning out my slides for my BETT presentations.
  • Meeting with colleagues to discuss a refocus of an upcoming Webmaker whitepaper.
  • Taking PTO (i.e. a day off) on Friday as I had too much non-Mozilla stuff to do! I took my (nearly) seven year-old son to Kielder Observatory for part of his birthday present.

Next week I’ll be with my wife in Gozo on Monday and Tuesday trying to find somewhere for us to move to for six months. I’ll also be celebrating my son’s birthday and then travelling down for BETT on Thursday and Friday.

Image CC BY-NC-SA Murray Head

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