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Weeknote 42/2013

Weeknote 42/2013

This week I’ve been:

  • Working with the Mozilla Webmaker team to get a first version of the Web Literacy Standard on It’ll be on staging soon.
  • Responding to the requirements of organisers for upcoming speaking engagements. It feels weird planning for 2014 before the end of October but I suppose it’s only a couple of months away.
  • Writing up more of Laura Thomson’s Minimum Viable Bureaucracy talk – the sections on Practicalities and Problem Solving and Decision Making.
  • Informing people about my upcoming Belshaw Black Ops which this year will be twice as long.
  • Localising the Web Literacy Standard from en_US to en_GB. I’m amazed that it’s already been localised into Thai, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish and Indonesian! Wow. I wrote about this here.
  • Booking my travel to the Mozilla Festival. You are coming, right?
  • Attending my usual weekly calls. All of which, obviously, were about getting things ready for MozFest.
  • Taking PTO on Thursday. My son wasn’t at school due to a teacher strike so we took the opportunity to visit Dunbar and surrounding area.
  • Working on some proposals with colleagues for the DML Conference 2014.
  • Sorting out my September expenses.
  • Sending a ‘save the date’ email to those who attended the Open Badges for CAS session in August. We’re planning a follow-up at MozLDN on 28th November.
  • Finishing slightly early on Friday to get ready to go to a family wedding.

Next week I’m at home on Monday then heading down to London on Tuesday for pre-MozFest preparations. I’ll be down there until Monday 28th before coming home and then heading off on holiday to Gozo. When I get back I’ll be on Black Ops – so next week will be my last weeknote of the year!

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