The Essential Elements of Digital LiteraciesI’m delighted to announce that the latest iteration of my e-book The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies is now available. This takes us to v0.7!

Those who invested in previous versions have already received their free update, according to the OpenBeta process I devised. Or at least they should have done – ping me if not. 🙂

You can invest in v0.7 and then get every update to v1.0 by clicking below:

v0.9 now available!

What’s included in this version?

  • Preface
  • Contents page
  • Chapter 2 – What’s the problem?
  • Chapter 3 – Everything is ambiguous
  • Chapter 4 – Why existing models of digital literacy don’t wory
  • Chapter 5 – The Essential Elements of Digital Literacies
  • Chapter 6 – Curiosity created the LOLcat
  • Chapter 7 – Remix: the heart of digital literacies (*NEW!*)

This chapter has a nice mix of theory and practical suggestions about how to get started improving your digital literacies by remixing stuff online. If you buy into the book now, you’ll receive the rest of the chapters as I write them – free!

Got questions? I might have answered them in this post announcing the e-book!

Image CC BY pranav