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Jigsaw piece

I don’t know about you, but there’s a few selected articles and other stuff on the web that I reference on a regular basis.

Whether it’s via social networks like Twitter and Google+ or face-to-face, there’s plenty of resources that I need to find quickly and show people. I’ve tried a number of tools for doing this. I used delicious for years but, for one reason or another (mainly when it left the Yahoo! stable) I no longer really use it. And yes, I’ve got Thought Shrapnel but nowhere for the best of the best.

So I need somewhere I can go to find things that I want to show other people, and FAST. And where better than my own site?

The above page has a few links to get me started. You might want to bookmark it (I’m going to!)

Better yet, why not create your own and share? 🙂

Image CC BY-NC-SA droetker0912

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