The cost of knowledge

I was going to do this earlier in 2012, but Alan Cann and Martin Weller beat me to it. And they’re researchers with track records. :-/

(As far as I understand it) Open Peer Review is a semi-structured process whereby people give you feedback on an article that you’re going to submit to an academic journal. I’m not a big fan of knowledge being locked-up in paid-for journals (hence the graphic above!)

I wrote an article with Steve Higgins, my thesis supervisor, entitled Digital literacy, digital natives, and the continuum of ambiguity but then didn’t really do anything with it. I’d like it to undergo a process of Open Peer Review.

Let me explain how you can help.

  1. Go to this Google Doc:
  2. Read the article
  3. Think a bit (no qualifications required!)
  4. Comment on the article – either a section or the whole thing
  5. Bask in the knowledge that you’ve helped an ‘early career researcher’

I’ll follow this up in a week’s time and see how it goes. 🙂

Image CC BY-NC-SA giulia.forsythe

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