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Reflecting on yesterday’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators (#purposedpsi)

Doug Belshaw at #purposedpsiIf you take away my wedding day, the birth of my two children and that time in 1998 when my football team beat local rivals to win 4-0 in the cup final replay, yesterday was one of the best days of my life.

Why? It marked a turning point, really. Up until my 30th year, I’ve seen myself as an ‘ideas person’, as somebody who sparks things off. The trouble is, most of the rest of the people in the world see themselves in that vein. So things never get started or are left unfinished. It’s time to be the change I want to see in the world – from start to finish.

Yesterday I helped organise the Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators. It’s the first time I’ve organised an event and, from the feedback both at the event and online, it went very well.

Over 50 people gave up a sunny Saturday afternoon to come and debate the purpose(s) of education as well as planning how to open out the conversation. They were absolutely awesome and I’m looking forward to what they go away and do as a result. It’s the first of many events!

I’m indebted to my co-kickstarter Andy Stewart for being utterly dependable, to Josie Fraser for chairing the event so effortlessly and effectively, and to Steve Boneham for capturing the audio, Leon Cych for sorting out the live video stream, and Maglio Viracca for the photography. Thank you!

If you want to catch some of the archived video stream, head over to our UStream channel (scroll down to ‘Recent Videos’)

Image CC BY-NC-SA Learn4Life

11 thoughts on “Reflecting on yesterday’s Purpos/ed Summit for Instigators (#purposedpsi)

  1. I’m so glad it went as well (if not better) than you had hoped Doug. It is always difficult kick-starting anything & of course this going to be massive. You have a clear vision of what you wanted to start so it was always going to have a good chance of being a success. Here’s to the next one!Julia

  2. Good for you. This is exciting. You make a great point about so many of us being “idea people.” It can be hard to get out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to take the risk to implement. It usually pays off though and looks like you have proven that to be the case.

  3. @Julia Skinner Thanks Julia – and for coming along and speaking. Great to meet you. 😀

  4. Well done Doug. Doing stuff like this takes courage and discipline. You will die a happy man.

    I didn’t get to PEpsi this time (just become a father), but would be keen to participate in any future events. If you need an accomplice on the south coast let me know.

    Looking forward to how ideasman turned actionman will continue to shape the future…!

  5. Thank YOU Doug and Andy! It was a great afternoon. I came away feeling re-energised and more confident about the things I’d like to take forward personally as well as feeling proud to have been part of this group and excited about the future activities we will share.

  6. @pepsmccrea Great stuff! We’ll probably have the one in October/November in the North East, but nothing to stop you getting some people together at around the same time (we’ll support you!) 🙂

  7. Well done Doug. Sorry I couldn’t make it this time, but I’m having to focus priorities given that education’s not really my main thing any more.

    Glad it went well!


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