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5 ways Twitter could revolutionize education.

10 thoughts on “5 ways Twitter could revolutionize education.

  1. Yo Doug,
    Read it and almost RT’ed but resisted :). Interesting thought. I try to read before RT so I can add my take on things.

  2. Very crafty, but it will take a greater level of foxiness to out fox a wily fox like me! 😉

    To add a little perspective while I’m typing this: I try to read most of what I retweet however I do sometimes retweet posts blindly by people who I respect. I don’t always have to read what they have written there and then as it does not matter to me if I agree with it or not. I simply want to give them a gift by helping spread the word.

    Perhaps that is naive? But I will keep doing it nevertheless. 🙂

  3. I found this by RSS not twitter… now I am tempted to tweet. If course your Rt’ers could be in on the joke, just as I am.

  4. I’m looking…but don’t see it. Your blog scares me. I already get lost in the ‘net like Narnia. Here’s another zillion doors to look behind. But seriously, good stuff, even if you do pull our leg once in a while.

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