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Use is not strategy.

Using social media doesn’t make you a guru. Having attended a school doesn’t qualify you to speak on education policy. Working in an organisation doesn’t make you a business leader.

Strategy, not of the crystal-ball-gazing or guessing variety, but of the values-based, focused, considered type, is what separates good from great.

2 thoughts on “Use is not strategy.

  1. Doug, this post resinates with me completely. As a teacher it frustrates me when people come into schools telling professionals how to run the school, and facilitate learning. Then when you ask if they are teachers they say no, and explain that 'it wasn't like this when i was at school.' Therefore their only qualification to comment is that they once went to school (usually about 10-15 years ago). Would the same people walk into a hospital and tell medics how to do something, because i once went to A&E and got treatment, or tell firefighters how to deal with a fire because i once used a fire extinguisher!
    Let professionals get on with the job they are trained to do, using current and up to date research.

    1. I think your last point is important r.e. up-to-date research. There’s not enough of that in schools. :-(

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