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Top 10 Links I Shared This Week – #3

Apologies for not posting this, I was travelling from Malta…

You know the routine by now, I use Pro to find the links that people have clicked on most often when I’ve shared them on Twitter.

I urge you to click on the Hawthorne Effect link if you don’t know what it’s about. Researchers especially should avoid claiming wonders if they haven’t taken it into account!

Name / Link (clicks)

  1. Things I Learned This Week #42 (63)
  2. DailyNote WordPress Theme (43)
  3. Dilbert on engineering, sales & marketing (39)
  4. Edtech companies: inspiring or conspiring? (29)
  5. Notifo: a notifications inbox (21)
  6. Meeting with Ed.D. thesis supervisor: restructuring (16)
  7. Doug on Productivity – Episode (15)
  8. Tesco to sell Samsung Galaxy Tab for £529 (14)
  9. Ed.D. thesis restructure (13)
  10. Wikipedia: The Hawthorne Effect – (9)

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