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Weeknote #20

This week I have been mostly…

Attending the Scottish Learning Festival

I attended the Scottish Learning Festival last year when I was Director of E-Learning at the Academy. It was very different going from an FE/HE point of view!

To be honest, I was there as much for the TeachMeet as I was to find out other things. My conference blog has further details about the TeachMeet and the awesome games-based learning stuff I found out!

Volunteering my services

Suitably enthused by the Scottish Learning Festival and a couple of things I’ve read this week, I’ve volunteered my services to the Headteacher of Ben’s new school. I wrote him a letter explaining how much Ben’s enjoying school nursery, my background and that I’d like to help however I can.

I managed to meet the Head shortly afterwards and he said he’d like me to come in. We didn’t have time to talk details, but I’m optimistic about great things happening!

Counting my blessings

The Telegraph leaked a list of quangos at risk of government cuts yesterday. JISC isn’t a quango but is funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England), which is. Thankfully, the latter’s deemed useful and safe. Phew!

Given the stimulus of attending the Scottish Learning Festival in a different role, I’ve been reflecting on my life and counting my blessings. I’m very fortunate to have flexible working arrangements, a pretty secure job and a wonderful family. 🙂

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