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5 things I can do with my Kindle that you can’t with your dead-tree books.

1. Read things I save for later using Instapaper.

2. Sync highlights and comments to Evernote.

3. Search for a quotation or section in a book.

4. Look up a word in the built-in dictionary or a concept at Wikipedia.

5. Use the built-in 3G to navigate Google Maps via the browser.

8 thoughts on “5 things I can do with my Kindle that you can’t with your dead-tree books.

  1. Some great points here Doug, I especially hate searching for a quote I’ve read offline. That said I am a stickler for the look of an amazingly stacked book shelf, perhaps more room for CDs… oh no, damn you iTunes πŸ˜‰

    I am actually contemplating getting a Kindle based on some of the reasons you’ve highlighted plus I won’t get wrong of Ver for reading geeky work stuff (but I enjoy it) on holiday haha.

  2. 5 things I can do with my dead tree books that you can’t do with your Kindle:

    1. Think I can remember what I’ve read with my brain, but then forget them.

    2. Remember that I’ve made a note of highlights and comments, but then forget which book I’d put them in.

    3. Remember quotations for a few days, but then misquote them to colleagues as my brain progressively leaks accuracy.

    4. Discover new words and concepts, but then assume I can work out what they mean and embarrass myself.

    5. Walk around without 3G lost, but at least I’ve got a book in my pocket.

  3. Doug,

    Okay, I’m sold. A rundown on which device you prefer and pros/cons of your choice would be awesome. You’ve convinced me to buy one, I just don’t know which one to go for now…

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