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Weeknote #17

This week I have been mostly…

Recovering from a migraine

I know that my migraines are caused by stress, atmospheric pressure, dehydration, blood sugar and (chiefly) the food colouring Annatto. A combination of these factors, especially when it’s overcast, precipitates a migraine for me. I had one on Tuesday evening so had to take Wednesday off work to recover. Horrible.

Working on my Ed.D. thesis

I wrote 5,000 words of the Pragmatic methodology section of my Ed.D. thesis on Bank Holiday Monday. I’m using Scrivener now, so changes aren’t reflected at (yet!)

Finishing #uppingyourgame

I’ve been working on a productivity-focused ebook called #uppingyourgame since the start of the year, using the OpenBeta method I devised. It’s now finished and has been sent to the 49 people who bought into the book whilst it was being written.

Everyone else will be able to purchase it from October 1st when feedback has been received and preparations made!

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