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6 thoughts on “Why Open Source should be more like Fairtrade.

  1. That’s the thing about open source in its nature it is very fragmented.

    I tried google image searching for “Creative Commons” and that is pretty similar to fair trade.

    I guess you can say that the penguin is pretty well known as a logo and that is a product of the work of open source.

  2. If you search for ‘open source logo’ you will there is one that sticks out more than the others. However, as you say, the open source community should agree to one logo only and insist everyone uses it.

  3. On a slightly different note, when you look at the fairtrade logo do you see the person waving or just the ‘ying-yang’ style logo. In a class of 30 children, nearly all will recognise the logo, but only around half will have seen the person before.

  4. Doug, someone came up with your eleven year old “Why Open Source should be more like Fairtrade” in their search for connections to help launch our Open Source Fair Trade Initiative .

    If you have a moment I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Initiative.

    All the best,

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