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Using a Sony Reader PRS-600 to make notes on academic articles.

I’ve been very impressed with my Sony Reader PRS-600 since I got it last week. It’s a great device for reading, highlighting and taking notes on academic articles. Since before I couldn’t find much useful video on how the highlighting and note-taking functionality works, I’ve quickly put together the above two minutes by way of demonstration.

Hope it helps. 🙂

Note: those reading via RSS/email may need to click through to see the video – or view it on YouTube!

5 thoughts on “Using a Sony Reader PRS-600 to make notes on academic articles.

  1. How is the 6″ screen for reading journal articles and other pdfs that are larger than 6″ diagonally. I’m looking for an ebook reader for academic purposes and most journals are more like 9-10″ diagonally. Does it shrink each page of the pdf to fit the screen?

      1. When reflowing, how does it handle headers and footers (page numbers, titles, etc)?

        Also, are your notes locked in the sony software or can you export them somehow? For example, you might want to send someone an annotated article.

  2. Looks really good Doug, similar to Kindle and iBooks, the handwriting notes look great. What I wonder is how open is the system for saving your notes and annotations with devices/apps like this? As you have presumably made lots of notes using this system and are now switching to Kindle, is there an easy way to bring your library of stuff including notes with you? I’m always a bit wary of proprietary file formats/software for things I might need a long time later!

    1. I suppose it’s all to do with workflows! The notes I made on the Sony Reader (I’ve only had it a couple of months) I’ve transferred to my wiki. 🙂

      The great thing about the Kindle is that you can access your notes and highlighting on the web. This will make my e-reader –> wiki workflow even easier!

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