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The new blog order.

(image CC BY-NC Jeremy Brooks)

So here’s the plan. To make blogging every day sustainable, I need a system. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Monday Motivation – hints, ideas and tips about productivity, motivational quotes and the like.
  • Tuesday Tech. – an update on edtech stuff and related musings.
  • Wednesday Wisdom – a mashup of Creative Commons-licensed photos and quotations from Balthasar Gracián’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom.
  • Thursday Thesis – parts of, or ideas, related to my Ed.D. thesis.
  • Friday Fun – some end-of-the-working-week light heartedness, fun and random stuff.
  • Saturday Stats – an opportunity for me to post things related to visualization and infographics.
  • Sunday Scientia – the new name for Things I Learned This Week (‘Scientia’ is Latin for ‘knowledge’)

Thoughts? It may mean I need to change the categories around a bit… 🙂

4 thoughts on “The new blog order.

  1. I like it – you will get some structure /routine & much like a TV/radio programme people know when to tune in for the posts they find most interesting. I look forward to Mondays when I can find out how you fit it all in & also Wednesdays installments – guess what book I’ve ordered with my amazon vouchers?

  2. Actually, it’s not a bad system but be flexible within it. So, if Monday you’d rather write about your thesis and Thursday is all about tips, then do it. I’m a fairly random blogger but I’ve written under a theme system (each month has a theme) before and that worked rather well.


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