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Using to synchronise bookmarks & find new, exciting stuff

This week’s elearning staff session is on, the ‘social bookmarking’ site. As I mention in the guide below, I find it useful for 3 reasons:

  1. Storing links to useful websites and web applications to access wherever I am.
  2. Discovering new resources that other educators have recommended.
  3. Creating a repository of useful links for a particular purpose (e.g. a department or for pupils on a certain course)

There are many more features of than I’ve had chance to explore in this session. For information about some of these, check out this slideshow from Jon Hoff:

9 thoughts on “Using to synchronise bookmarks & find new, exciting stuff

  1. I like your elearnr paper on delicious. (And I like the concept of iPaper – I'll need to investigate it further.) What is the copyright position of the elearner document? Is it OK for me to print it and give it to students. Since, it gives you embed codes, I'm guessing it's OK to include it in my blog or post it to the VLE. Is that OK?

    I was surprised (and I guess slightly pleased) to see my guide to delicious referred to at the end of Jon Hoff's presentation. I am embarrassed at how out of date it is and as delicious has improved and developed I have felt increasingly dissatisfied with my guide as it currently exists. A new version is clearly needed and I hope to get on it soon… or at least, soonish.

  2. Well I am honoured to have my slideshow embedded here on Elearnr! I am about to blog on this blog>twitter>blog>slideshare web2.0 fest. Regards.

  3. @David: Thanks! is a great and easy way to get documents online. You're absolutely fine putting it anywhere you want – it's Creative Commons licensed. :-)

    Looking forward to your new guide to delicious!

    @Jon: Thanks for the slideshow, Jon, and for making it available to embed!

  4. Hi Doug,
    As usual interesting and useful stuff, thanks! Just a tiny thing: the dots in delicious are no longer necessary – it seems people couldn't remember where to put them (I definitely couldn't), so they were finally removed, and now it's just

    Elsebeth Hurup

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