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3 strikes and then out for UK ‘illegal’ downloaders?

Yoda as a pirateThe BBC reports that a leaked Green Paper obtained by the Times newspaper suggests the UK government is planning to bring in a ‘3 strikes then out’ policy for ‘illegal’ Internet downloads. First, the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) would issue an email warning. Second, the user will undergo a period of suspension. Third, the user will have their Internet access cut off. ISP’s who fail to enforce the rules would be prosecuted.

I think everyone knows my stance on copyright and which side of the fence I sit on. Given that literally millions of people download TV shows, etc. from the USA before they air in the UK (technically illegal) then I think the government could have a bit of a fight on their hands (ID cards anyone?)

(via TechCrunch)

4 thoughts on “3 strikes and then out for UK ‘illegal’ downloaders?

  1. Sound’s about as well thought through as most of the their (Government’s) other knee jerks. Cut of their Internet – mmmm – they won’t be able to pay their taxes, DVLA et al online then; or access banking, shopping services etc. Of course they could cut of their electricity, water and gas ans then it wouldn’t be as big an issue.

    How are they going to catch ’em… or distinguish between leagal p2p and pirate files. Wonder whose pulling the strings on this one then?

    1. More detail is definately needed. Having worked at an ISP they usually worry more about adding new customers rather than annoying and disconnecting their hard earned existing customers.

      If your kids are downloading without your permission/knowledge what happens? How will Mr Knight address digital poverty caused by anti-social behaviour rather than lack of money?

  2. There's no 'moral' argument for stealing the work of others – with all shopping, 'don't like the price, don't have the goods'. But this is about Hollywood media giants lobbying government to police our online activities – while there is no equal enthusiasm to kill off email spam, viruses, spyware, adware etc. by jumping hard on its originators. Home users and big firms alike pay dearly to fend off the tide of rubbish. BTW, I front up a busy computer shop so see the massive aggro caused every day. Norton, MacAffee et al. grew rich off the need to wipe the crap at the humble owner's end. But that's far too late in the chain. As so often happens, our representatives cosy up to big business and put ordinary voters last.

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