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New layout and theme at screenshot - new theme

I was made aware by colleagues that the previous layout and theme of wasn’t very easy to navigate. If you’re viewing this in an RSS reader, swing by the site to see the difference!

Please bear with me as I update various areas of the site to accommodate the new layout. 😀

4 thoughts on “New layout and theme at

  1. Good news that you are improving the old look – was too tricky to read. This current one, which I’m sure you’re working on, is easier to read but seriously squashed up in Firefox on a Mac.

    More importantly though I think you need a fundamental rethink about your tag line. Change “Delivering pedagogically-sound education technology solutions” to “Delivering andragogically-sound education technology soutions”. Starts a much more appropriate discussion about the focus of everything.

  2. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. It’s strange that it looks squashed up for you – looks fine on Firefox on my Macbook… :s

    As far as the tagline, could you explain what you mean. I don’t know what ‘andragogically sound education technology solutions’ means. Sounds like ‘androgynous’ which I’m keen to steer clear of! 😉

  3. Pedagogy = art and science of teaching
    Andragogy = art and science of learning

    Pedagogy has entirely the wrong focus and doesn’t fit in with any of the educational directions that you are pushing in. Whereas Andragogy, focusing the impact of the learning, how to implement effective learning and how to improve learning is the ideal focus.

    By squashed up I just mean that it has a fixed width, exactly as it appears in your screenshot above this post. On a large resolution it just appears a bit too squashed with things like the url entry form pushing itself outside the box.

    Using an iMAC with Leopard, but was the same when using OSX.4. The site works in Firefox on Vista though (but still, personally, looks too squashed up).

    1. If you do a quick Google search for a definition you’ll find lots of references to ‘adult education’ – but if you drill down further you find the kind of definition which hits the technological nail on the head:

      Andragogy, initially defined as “the art and science of helping adults learn,” currently defines an alternative to pedagogy and refers to learner-focused education for people of all ages. In other words an andragogic approach is all about putting the learner in the driving seat.

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