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Zonbu now available

The environmentally-friendly, online storage-powered Zonbu PCs I’ve mentioned previously are now available. These could be great for schools! I’d love to review one for them, and I have already asked (nicely) once… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Zonbu now available

  1. I think I’d rather have one of the $100 (one laptop per child) laptops to play with …

    From what i can see, though, neither will allow you to install extra software, which I’d find a little annoying. Wonder if you can run software from a USB stick on both/either… (I’ve only ever tried it on Windows based machines, not Linux based ones, but it’s a useful way of ensuring that you have your essential software with you – always assuming you can install it on the USB drive!)

  2. What I like is the fact that everything runs from Amazon S3 storage. I'm using this for home backups now and it's trivially cheap. It comes as part of the package with Zonbu and, as it's powered by Amazon, you can be fairly certain you're never going to lose your data. Plus, you can access it from anywhere! :D

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