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An interesting article in the Guardian caught my eye. Entitled Ariadne’s Thread it looks at the impact on students of the availability of online tools and texts. I’m currently doing an Ed.D. so have been in higher education since 1999. In that time things have changed dramatically. Whilst I’m in Durham University’s School of Education library as I type this, it’s only because I needed a face-to-face with my supervisor and to get my hands on a couple of books that aren’t available online.

When I return home later today I’ll still be able to access journals electronically by signing into the library’s website, use Google Scholar to find articles and books of interest, and record what I find on my wiki and Ed.D. blog. This was pretty much all unthinkable in my first year as an undergraduate. I have to say I think it’s a change for the better!

Now we just need to reform the school system to take advantage of educational technologies… 🙂

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