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iQuiz: learning games on an iPod

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A post at Tony Vincent’s excellent Learning in Hand blog has informed me of a new ‘game’ for Apple iPods entitled iQuiz. This $0.99 (£0.75) game allows you to view and play quizzes on a 5th generation iPod (known as ‘iPod Video’). Fortunately I have one of these and was able to test it. My verdict? It rocks: really professionally made, very intuitive and could be great to use with students!


There’s immense possibilities for this. I’ve recently added a whole host of iPod-formatted video and audio files to a password-protected page on my website for students. As I will be able to create games for free at (currently Mac-only, but with a Windows version forthcoming) this opens up even more opportunities…

Picture of iQuiz on iPod Picture of iQuiz on iPod (click to enlarge)

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3 thoughts on “iQuiz: learning games on an iPod

  1. Perhaps the most exciting feature of iQuiz is that you can create your own games and share them with others with ease. There are so many fun stuff that one can do with iQuiz now that simple commands are available
    for you to create your own customized quizzes. Where and how can you share iQuizzes that you made?

    Yes, that’s right! You can download iQuiz made by others or share your own iQuiz right here at has created a community for people to share their iQuizzes, with categories ranging from Entertainment, Finance, History, Lauguage, Movie, TV shows, Music, Science and Sports etc., just to name a few.
    Sharing and downloading the quizzes are as easy as a few simple clicks.

    As of May 31st, 2007, there are more than 50 iQuizzes available for download at Welcome to a world of fun!

    Questions? also has a community forum to have either your questions answered or just to share your thoughts on hot new iQuiz categories.

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